stetson_cat (stetson_cat) wrote,

О журналах хороших и, мягко говоря, разных

5th May, 2018

Jacob Schaf, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

The aim of this comment is not giving support to fake journals, however to show that the actual proliferation of alternative journals is a natural response to the current erroneous scientific policy of the mainstream journals.

The mainstream journals have the financial support of powerful institutions. Moreover, on selling their journals to a vast community of customers, they ever had copious financial income, so that they could exempt authors from publication fees. However, if the young scientists can publish for free, why do they accept to pay heavy publication fees? Actually, so many alternative journals proliferate, because of the deleterious ideology adopted by the establishment.

Scientists produce knowledge not for money, however pursue their natural impulse to understand the laws governing nature. This is an innate vocation and a most profound aspiration of humans. Journals are only interested in money. Obviously, knowledge becomes useful and gets value only if it is shared and discussed with the scientific community. Ideologies and dogmas are used in religions and or profited by politicians to get people under control. Ideologies all are deleterious to scientific progress, because they decide wisdom by authority. Scientific knowledge is not created, however discovered by open minded people. There is no place for authority. In conclusion, the current wrong scientific policy is the drive behind the proliferation of scientific publishers, interested in money. The goal of the true scientists is knowledge and if they are forced to pay for it, they pay.

It is disappointing that we have not learned the lesson from the many horrible anti-scientific happenings in the middle age, and now forced to revive the same stupidities in a century where we humans are beginning to understand the whole universe.

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